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Tenant FAQs

Answers to your common questions

Can you hold a place before I apply?
We cannot hold a place before you apply. Once you apply and are approved we can hold a place with a non-refundable security deposit. The deposit will be put towards your refundable security deposit. If you do not move in, you will forfeit the deposit.

Do I pay first month’s rent and last month’s rent with my security deposit?
You will pay your first month’s rent and a security deposit equivalent to your last month’s rent. You will not pay your last month’s rent at that time. Once you move out and the home is inspected and everything is in the condition agreed upon, you will be refunded your security deposit.

How do I pay rent?
We highly recommend you pay online via our website with either a credit card, ACH, or check. We also accept checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders. We do not accept cash. 

How old do you have to be to apply?
You have to be at least 18 years old to apply.

I want to get a pet. What do I do?
Please check the pet policy for the property you are interested in to ensure pets are ok. If pets are accepted at that property, please ensure you are prepared to pay the required pet fee, pet deposit, and/or pet rent.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?
Please let us know immediately. We will see if your roommate is qualified to rent the dwelling on their own. If they are, we will remove you from the lease. If they are not, they will require a co-signer or a newly qualified roommate. If you move out and they are not able to pay the rent, you will still be legally responsible for the payments. You will be required to sign an addendum stating that you forfeit your security deposit. The security deposit will be paid to whoever is on the lease when it ends. 

Is the deposit refundable?
Yes, the deposit is refundable.

My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?
Please go on the website and under tenant resources fill out and upload the 30-day notice to vacate. This must be submitted by the 3rd day of the last month of your lease. If this is not filled out, your lease will automatically go to month to month at a higher rent rate until you either move-out or re-sign a new lease.

Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?
The nature of the repair and maintenance request determines who pays for it. If it is a routine repair, we will pay for it. If it is something that was at the tenants fault, ex. A shattered window, it will be at the tenants’ expense. 

Who needs a cosigner?
Someone who does not have at least 3 years of rental history and/or established credit requires a co-signer.

You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?
You can apply online via our website. 

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