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Tips and Tricks to Help You Winterize Your Home and Save on High Winter Energy Bills

System - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tenants are responsible for winterizing their homes and we are here to help!

These are some helpful tips on how to winterize and how to save on energy during the colder months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or submit a maintenance request.

      1.)     Air Conditioners

                A. If you have a window unit A/C, remove it from the window and close the window. Please store the A/C in a safe, dry place until summer.

                B. If you have an air conditioner, turn of the the A/C water valve at the A/C to prevent access water from collecting and freezing in equipement.

      2.)  Remove all exterior hoses, drain, and store. Any and all exterior hose spigots need to be insulated with a foam or plastic cover. Example here: Hose Spigot Insulation Cover

       3.)    If you notice any exposed exterior water lines, please call me immediately.

       4.)    If you have mold/mildew on your deck or walkways, please submit a maintenance request with pictures so we can get this taken care of to avoid slippery surfaces.

        5.)    Check weather stripping on all exterior doors.

        6.)     Check windows and doors for voids and submit a maintenance request if needed.

        7.)     Reset fan rotation to clockwise to circulate heat back down into living space.

        8.)    Close and secure fireplace doors when not in use.

        9.)    Set water heater temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees farenheit. Possible to save an average 6-10% on energy bill.

       10.) Open and drip water on all interior faucets if there is no heat or electricity goes out. Letting water run is cheaper than repairs.

       11.) If you notice your gutters are full of leaves and debris- please let us know so we can get them cleaned out. Ice damming can ruin a roof.

Thank you so much for reading and have a safe and wonderful winter!

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