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Spring Cleaning

System - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

With spring fast approaching here are cleaning tips to help you have a successful season  

  1. Okay, first things first- mental prep for spring cleaning. It can be a mind-boggling thought... Something like, "I haven't really spring cleaned in 3 or more years..." Or "I only have a couple days off here and there, do I really want to spend them cleaning?" Yes! You do! And here is why... Less clutter makes for a happier, healthier, more clear minded you! 
  2. Help you help yourself by breaking the cleaning up into 3-5 projects in order to tackle a bit at a time and stay focused on the task at hand. If you are like me, you will want to write this down to keep a clear, concise plan readily available (and a point of reference in case you forget- oh butterfly!). These projects should consist of one list for interior and one list for exterior- to include storage spaces. 
  3. Getting started actually doing the hands-on cleaning portion- fun! The fun is finding old stuff you forgot you had! And then finding a reason to keep it, because you just MIGHT need it in 10 years for something, and heck yes, it comes handy when you once again forgot you had it... NOT! Throw it out- give it away- gift it! Or re-gift it (just not to the person that gave it to you in the first place).
  4. Best tip ever coming right up... Ready? Get a box. A cardboard box. Go in a room and pretend you are moving. Start packing the box. You will be surprised at how much stuff you will find and know you do not want to take to your imaginary new place... This new place of no clutter. Then once the drawer, cabinet, or shelf is empty, clean it! Whew, that was super lame, but now it's clean and springy. Sweet! Unpack the box back into the space and keep it going. 
  5. Once you go through your house doing this, you should have lots of charity items and for sale items. Start posting your for sale items on awesome apps. I love LetGo and OfferUp and Craigslist (sometimes). Not only is your house off to a fresh start- you can pocket some extra cash too! 
Happy cleaning! Remember, make a list, break it up into doable portions, and pretend to move out- (but don't really), get rid of some junk, have a sale of useable junk and wallah! You are a spring cleaning pro... AND now that your house is sparkling clean, pour yourself a bottle... ahem... a glass of sparkling wine, relax and unwind. 

Image sources: http://herviewfromhome.com/spring-cleaning/

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