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Scappoose, Oregon History

System - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mirror Property Management is proudly located and operated out of Scappoose, Oregon. The history of Scappoose is vast and incredibly interesting to say the least. From the year 1828 to present day, many events have helped shape present day Scappoose as we know it. Indians were the original settlers in Scappoose and named the town which in English translates to “gravelly plains.” Scappoose was settled by the Diersinno Indian tribe and was also meeting grounds for all Northwestern Indians where they would have tradeshows, feasts, games, and meetings.

Between 1828 and 1920 many events took place that led to the incorporation to Scappoose becoming an official city to include; a plague hit the Indians and many of them passed away, the first white settler came to Scappoose, the Transcontinental Railroad was built, and the Watts family arrived by train, the first organized school was built, and the last wagon train arrived that traveled the Oregon trail.

The Founding Fathers voted to incorporate Scappoose and elected James Grant Watts as Mayor into office in 1920.

Scappoose was incorporated as a city in Oregon in 1921. In the next couple of years’ the cities lights and water systems were put into place.

The Scappoose Historical Society has established the Watts Family home that was built in 1902 and lived in until 1976 as a museum in the upstairs bedroom. The downstairs area housed City Hall until it moved to the current location.

Between the early 1900’s and present day the city has grown from nearly all river transportation, horse, and buggy to cars and only dozens of people in population to currently around 6,800. Although the economy in Scappoose is currently in a bit of a rut, the overall shape of the city is promising. Scappoose has a comforting small town vibe which is highly refreshing for being located so close to such a large city. 

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